Lucy Cherkasova

Lucy Cherkasova

Principal Scientist, Palo Alto


 Dr. Ludmila Cherkasova is a principal scientist at Hewlett Packard Labs, Palo Alto, USA.  Her current research interests are in developing quantitative methods for the analysis, design, and management of concurrent and distributed systems (such as emerging systems for "Big Data" processing, internet and media applications, virtualized environments, and next generation data centers). Dr. Cherkasova has initiated, managed and led to success multiple R&D projects. She is the ACM Distinguished Scientist. She has authored over 100 refereed publications and more than 75 patent applications. Her most recent works were on the design of new technologies for efficient management, capacity planning of internet and enterprise systems with emphasis on performance and scalability issues.

Most of my publications and patents are under my official name "Ludmila Cherkasova" while most of the professional activities are under my nick-name "Lucy Cherkasova".

Professional activities