Marco Casassa Mont

Marco Casassa Mont

Principal Research Scientist, Bristol


I am a Principal Research Scientist at the Hewlett Packard Laboratories in Bristol, UK - Security and Manageability Lab. This web page contains public information about my R&D work, inventions, publications,  technical reports and professional activity. Additional information is available about my biography (CV) and education. 

During the last 3 years I have been the lead technical architect of the Hewlett Packard Labs' Big Data for Security project, aiming to detecting new, unknown security threats within organisations by collecting, analysing and visualizing massive amounts of (security) events. My overview of the project is available in YouTube- CRESTCon 2015 event: Big Data for Security

Specifically I designed the overall architecture of the end-to-end analytical engine and backend solution, technically lead a team of developers and been directly involved in research and development of new security analytics. This R&D solution, leveraging Hewlett Packard Enterprise Vertica and ArcSight, has now been fully transferred to our security business group. The new product is called DNS Malware Analytics, announced at Protect 2015.  I led the technology transfer with specific focus on the backend analytical solution and overall processing pipeline. I have been a key liaison with related HP business teams, inclusive of Vertica, ArcSight and TippingPoint as well as involved in related technology and solution transfers to our enterprise security services businesses (ESS), including interactions with HP customers and  technology trials with two customers.

During my 18 years at Hewlett Packard Labs, I have been the lead in a variety of R&D programs including collaborations with and technology transfers to Hewlett Packard Enterprise business units and international projects (in the security, identity management and privacy areas), such as the EU F6 PRIME project (Privacy and Identity Management for Europe) and UK TSB EnCoRe project (Ensuring Consent and Revocation). I have also been the UK TSB EnCoRe Privacy Project Coordinator and the technical lead of its Work Package 2, in charge of defining and delivering the EnCoRe Technical Architecture.

I am the technical lead in the following areas: Security; Big Data for Security; Security Analytics; IAM; Privacy; Policy Management; Cloud Management; Privacy.

Other recent deliverables include R&D work and business deliverables in the space of: Safe Cloud (Cloud Computing; Safe and Controlled Information Sharing; Situational Awareness for next-generation disaggregated IT scenarios); Security Intelligence-as-a Service (SILAS); Situational Awareness for companies operating in the Cloud. These R&D activities are carried out jointly with HP business groups. 

In general, I collaborate with various Hewlett Packard Enterprise's SW businesses for the delivery of  innovative security solutions, that leverage  SW products and solution portfolio. I  am collaborating with Hewlett Packard Enterprise  Security Solutions and contributing to their  Security Innovation offerings, in particular in providing risk assessment and strategic decision support capabilities in the Security, Incident Management and IAM areas and Big Sata for Security. I am also collaborating with HP Enterprise Security Products and TippingPoint/DV Labs in the area of Big Data for Security.

I am active on the publication and patenting front. I am part of various (IEEE, ACM, etc.) conference Program Committees. I am a Senior Member of IEEE. I am also an IISP member. I have more than 45 patents filed (about 80, considering  patents filed in multiple countries) and 12 patents granted.

I have a twitter site - - to share ideas and opinions, in particular with regards to future R&D work in the space of security, Big Data, emerging technologies, etc. I am also present on LinkedIn at


Career highlights

  • 2012: Promotion to HP Principal Research Scientist
  • 2010: Coordinator of UK TSB EnCoRe Collaborative Project 
  • 2004: Promotion to HP Expert Level
  • 1997: Promotion to HP Specialist Level

Professional activities

My professional activities


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 I am a Senior Member of IEEE and an a member of UK IISP Association