Natalia Vassilieva

Senior Scientist, Research Manager, Palo Alto


Natalia is a senior scientist at the Analytics Lab and the manager of HP Labs Russia.

Prior to that she worked as a software developer for several IT companies and taught at St. Petersburg State University.

She graduated with honor from Saint Petersburg State University (SPSU), Mathematics and Mechanics Department, Chair of Software Engineering in 2002; held an intern position in the Multimedia Information Modeling and Retrieval group at the research laboratory CLIPS-IMAG (Grenoble, France) in 2002-2003; obtained PhD in Computer Science from SPSU in 2010.

Professional activities

  • Organizing Committee Chair at RuSSIR/EDBT'2011
  • PC memeber at GraphiCon'2011
  • PC member at CLEF'2010
  • PC member at RuSSIR since 2009 
  • PC member at SYRCoDIS'2008-SYRCoDIS'2012, PC Chair at SYRCoDIS 2013 
  • PC member at ROMIP since 2009
  • Reviewer at RCDL'2007, PC member at RCDL'2012
  • Lecturer at Computer Science Center, Computer Science Club, RuSSIR'2008 


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Natalia is a recipient of the “Young Researcher” award from Russian Fund of Fundamental Research in 2002, a scholarship from French government in 2002, the “Internet-Mathematics” award from Yandex company in 2007, best paper award on CompSysTech 2012, 2012.