Mechanisms and Design

Next-generation business models and information design

Innovations underway

Novel and intuitive user experiences

Novel and intuitive user experiences

Bernardo Huberman, Senior Fellow and Director, Mechanisms and Design Lab, describes how his group pursues breakthrough business models for the enterprise, develops novel methods for handling big data, and creates elegant and appealing interactions.

The outcome economy

The outcome economy

Watch Mechanisms and Design Lab director Bernardo Huberman discuss the next step in the economic landscape, how that change will deeply effect the cloud, and how the cloud will provide a proof-of-concept for the way all of us are likely to do business in the future.

Enhancing Work Through Smart & Elegant Design

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The Mechanisms and Design Lab is a serious group, exploring how humans and information interrelate, but they’re not without a sense of fun either. Here they revisit a quintessential time travel movie as a way of peering forward in time.

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Hewlett Packard Labs is seeking creative individuals who are passionate about technology, who identify with our marketplace and our businesses, and who can contribute fresh ideas and solutions.

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Systems research

Systems Research

Building a new generation of computers from the ground up

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Driving real-time enterprise value from our rapidly expanding data universe

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Security & Manageability

Building assurance and simplicity in a complex, interconnected world

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Delivering next-generation network infrastructures

Networking & Mobility

Delivering next-generation network infrastructures

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