The Machine:
The future of technology

The Machine is coming

The Machine is a new kind of computer that allows you to do things you can’t even conceive today. Imagine a computer with hundreds of petabytes of fast memory that remembers everything about your history, helps inform real time situational decisions, and enables you to predict, prevent, and respond to whatever the future brings.

For the past 60 years, we have been using the same computer systems and the only thing changing has been the massive amounts of data growing exponentially from our online world. By 2020, 30 billion connected devices will generate unprecedented amounts of data our legacy systems cannot keep up.

Hewlett Packard Labs is committed to revolutionizing the computer from the ground up, enabling computers of all sizes to take a quantum leap in performance and efficiency. It’s all about turning all your big data into secure, actionable intelligence, using less energy and lowering costs.

The Machine puts the data first. Instead of processors, we put memory at the core of what we call “Memory-Driven Computing”. Memory-Driven Computing collapses the memory and storage into one vast pool of memory called universal memory. To connect the memory and processing power, we’re using advanced photonic fabric. Using light instead of electricity is key to rapidly accessing any part of the massive memory pool while using much less energy.

With The Machine, we believe we can broaden and impact technical innovations and develop new ways to extract knowledge and insights from large, complex collections of digital data with unprecedented scale and speed, allowing us to collectively help solve some of the world’s most pressing technical, economic, and social challenges.

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