Hewlett Packard Labs can see a future beyond the next big thing. We call it the Next Next.

The stories here range widely across new computing architectures, emerging security technologies, bold solutions to a looming energy crisis in the data center, and much more.

Toward A New Data-Based Economy

Part One: Data is the new currency

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Toward A New Data-Based Economy

Part Two: The smart city is the data economy made manifest

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The Ethics of AI

Is it moral to imbue machines with consciousness?

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Beyond Bitcoin

Mining the Blockchain for the Next Big Thing

Decrypt the cryptocurrency
Extreme Computing

Inside the race to develop an exascale computer, the world’s most powerful system

The race to exascale
Memory in the middle

A radically new approach to computing could help cure cancer, detect fraud and stop traffic jams.

Compute at any point
The rise of common sense analytics

Distributed Mesh Computing uses a new generation of devices to draw powerful insights from the Internet of Things.

Explore an IoT That Doesn’t Force You to Trade Security for Convenience

See how Hewlett Packard Labs draws powerful insights from the Internet of Things.

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Tiny lasers, big gains

Photonic data transmission could cut data center energy use in half. That’s the equivalent of decommissioning as many as 250 big power plants.

Find Out How Lasers Can Reduce Digital Energy Consumption

See how lasers can reduce digital energy consumption

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Rethinking Security

HPE researchers are designing new computer architectures that incorporate security from the ground up.

Check Out A Smarter Way to Secure Computing

Explore advanced security research programs at Hewlett Packard Labs

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Machines that think

Labs researchers are developing computers that work like the brain. They seek to realize the ancient dream of a thinking machine, and enable outcomes we can barely imagine.

Learn more about Neuromorphic Computing

The quest to build a brain-like computer

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Computing with light

How optical processing can solve some of the world’s most complex problems.

Go Toward the Light

Read Technology.nxt, our special report on the future of computing.

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