billion devices

By 2020, one hundred billion connected devices will generate far more demand for computing than today's infrastructure can accommodate.

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Population growth


Devices per person


Data transmission average


Imagine all the airplanes in the sky working together to avoid rough weather, conserve fuel and minimize delays.

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The number and severity of hacking attacks continues to grow despite record spending on information security. When software meant to detect compromises to an operating system isn’t running on that same operating system it makes it harder to hide.

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Imagine if doctors could diagnose and treat complex maladies by instantly tapping the collective medical knowledge of humanity, rather than relying on their own limited expertise.

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Developer Tools

We invite developers to participate in our open source projects that leverage the extraordinary possibilities of Memory-Driven Computing.

Published Papers

The next chapters of in the history of computing are being written at Labs.

Behind the Machine

Learn about the people, ideas, and technology behind memory-driven computing.

Star Trek Beyond meets The Machine — and the future of technology begins. Read about Labs’ consultation with the filmmakers, watch the Star Trek Beyond trailer, watch our Trek-themed commercial, and more.